Obelisk Bear

I’m fighting to write this post. Every impulse in my body is telling me to stop, because there’s nothing new I can contribute and little purpose to anything I post here. It’s me in a dark corner and it’s getting darker and there’s no one listening and why am I bothering? Even if someone was reading this, what are they getting out of it? The only thing a website like this can offer anyone is more depression. No one is going to have a good time or gain any kind of insight or find answers to help battle their own demons.

But that’s not why I started this blog. I’m doing this solely to give myself a voice as I face depression the only way I really know how: alone. Not that I’m alone; I have my wife, but it’s hard to discuss these thoughts and feelings with her. And I have my therapist, but that’s one 45 minute session each week. What am I supposed to do the rest of the time? I could bottle this up, as I often do, or I could do something like blog about what I’m feeling.

I wish I was funny. If I could spend some of my time spinning these posts with hilarious misadventures in depression, I’d feel better that what I’m doing here serves some kind of purpose, because I believe laughter is the best medicine. But I don’t know any good jokes.

At least I have the D&D content to share.

If, you know, you find Dungeons & Dragons content useful.

Obelisk Bear

Artwork by Alex Mayo. Copyright © 2018.


Sentries of the Negative King, Obelisk-bears are large magical constructs with the bodies of bears and heads that are obelisks of obsidian. They roam the hallways of the dungeon, and through their stone-carved heads the Negative King can perceive what they “see” in their field of vision.

Stats for obelisk-bears are like owlbears, and bludgeoning weapons deal double damage against their “heads”.