The Silence

I’ve heard silence can be deafening. But to a depressed person, silence is a lot worse. This is because when you’re depressed, silence isn’t a peaceful stillness; it’s filled with noise, internal voices of doubt and confusion, self-hatred, loathing. It’s an inescapable force that bears down on you.

Silence is crushing.

I hate the silence, but when it envelops me I have no idea how to get away from it. The worst for me is at night, when everyone is asleep, and I just lay in bed worrying and doubting and hating myself.

And there’s only one way to get away from the silence, to escape the noise…


I’m too scared to do anything more drastic.

Artwork by D.L. Johnson. Copyright 2018.

The Silence

Within the dungeon itself, Silence manifests as an invisible force, a physical but unseen presence that bears excessive weight on a victim. The pain is unbearable, a powerful crushing force that maims and kills without mercy.

Noise can discourage and weaken the Silence.